Bitcoin course ripple and NEM staggers sideways, strong

Since the start of the Bitcoin futures on the CME is the Bitcoin price dropped by up to 40% at times and seems to go through a major correction. Since 12.22.2017 the rate fluctuates constantly between 11,000 € and 12,500 € and pulls the entire market down.

On 16.12.2017 (2 days before the start of CME) of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of 16,614.25 €. The launch the only Bitcoin code review you need to read of futures had a strong negative impact and led to a price drop of up to 10,246.77 €. The course of Altcoins ran almost parallel and thus illustrates the dependence of the reserve currency BTC to all other currencies in the crypto market.

Price development Bitcoin one month chart

Given the incredible rally of recent weeks, a decline in this amount seems quite as healthy and sustainable. A further correction in which the rate would fall by another 20 or 30% would not be too surprising, and would fit into the picture of the current development of the crypto market.

Unusually strong and stable, the crypto currency has ripple shown in recent days. The positive news , as read the truth on onlinebetrug well as the further progressive deployment of the XRP tokens seem to rate a positive influence. On 21/12/2017 1:00 ripple broke the first time so that the 1.00 € Markeund sets a new resistance level which is considered to break it.

Contrary to the down trend of the market has NEM Coin shown in recent days. The NEM ratewas last recorded a new all-time high of € 0.95 and thus increases surprisingly and continues the rally in recent weeks. Whether the strong trend can be continued the next days and weeks will show.