Short term trade with a Broker

In the financial markets can be as long-term investor or short / medium-term profit maximization focused equities trader act. The annual yield moves in the stock portfolio by an average of 10 percent. The trading margin Announce Successful professional traders with up to 50 percent per year. Trader, a return of 10 to 15 percent per year to reach a long time, are among the top people. Only with a how much money can you make with etoro corresponding capital monthly income of 5,000 euros or more are possible. For a beginner who is need of trading capital a lot less.

The most important thing for you at a glance

  • use volatile share of profits
  • maximize profits by day trading or position trading
  • Open Depot excluding fees and lead
  • Capital requirements for beginners at least 5,000 euros, Professional Trader 500,000 euros
  • Cheap order fee for DEGIRO share from 2.08 euros



  •  1. trade potential returns in equities
  •  2. How much capital is required in share trading?
  •  3. Self employed as share traders
  •  4. Conclusion on potential returns and capital requirements
The difference to the investor


If someone with the shares trading begins , he dreams of achieving maximum benefits in a short time. It is not uncommon that the trader expects the yield beautiful. An example will illustrate this. The trader assumes that he earns one percent daily. It has a our IQ Option review for 2018 starting capital of only 3,000 euros. The Measured over a period of three years 750 trading days a percent trading margin achieved are. About 5 million euros gross, he would deserve it.

However, trading does not work like that. There is no 100 percent probability that I will every day realize a certain sum. Even if that is the statistical expectation value of a systemreflects. Not every trade is successful. Even professionals act with a success rate of just over 40 percent.

Chapter 2 Trading

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Note: A trader one is not, however, because it often puts trades. What matters is how long you stay invested in a trade. Traders use short trading periods because they thus reduce factors or risks.

Day trading is not the only, nor the most widely used trading method. This is especially true for the shares trading. Is a share, with rates dramatically , she comes for a short term trade outgoing investors questioned for purchase. After a short time he will sell at a price gain. The total shareholder return can move within a few days well in the double digits. When medium-term trading , the trader wants to achieve find out all the facts about plus500 a better performance than the overall index. Here are recommended for larger stocks, most traded values. More tips under  Chapter 3 Trading stock selection and holding period ).

An alternative to stock trading is the trading of indices . Here, the entire stock market or the development of an economy is the focus. Rapid price moves up and down are used for short-term trading with the overall market. Individual stocks or values can not pick can you still use Ethereum Code in 2018 out in the short time available.

Other variants are trading the forex Forex trading and the trading of binary / digital options . Binary options broker promises returns of up to 90 percent in 60 minutes. Again, you can trade in equities and equity pairs. The advantage here is that you can bet on all market movements, without addressing the substance of the shares.

The trading margin share trading can be well above average market returns. However, a return percentage just means that 10 percent of 1,000 euros result in a profit of 100 euros gross. For 5,000 euros a month already 50,000 euros must be invested in the trading position. On failure Trade bigger losses. A reliable return guarantee does not exist.


For shares trading you need 500 euro and more per trade. To place some trades, 1,000 euro starting capital are necessary. Do you trade with leverage products such as CFDs and leverage certificates ranging from a small account. Lever make you rich if successful. Read more at  What is a CFD leverage?  The premise is that the courses are predicted correctly. If that does not happen, the total loss is imminent.

Favorable trading instruments and underlying assets as the DAX Index allow trading with a 1,000 euro account at inclusion of risk and money management . Wealthy one is not small traders capital. It makes sense to small accounts in the learning of trading. Without too high financial risk to the first strategies can be tested with real money. By saving you can build up a larger trading capital. With a borrowing should not start the Trader career.